RMC 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Marie Li-Ying (Chair)
Honeywell Fluorine Products
Mississauga, ON

Rob Flipse (Past Chair)
Gordon Latham Ltd.
Vancouver, BC

Corey Soulis (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mississauga, ON

Warren Heeley (President)
Mississauga, ON

Jim Flowers
Linde Canada
Aurora, ON

Domenic Loconte

Arkema Canada Inc.
Burlington, ON

Beatrice Olivastri

Friends of the Earth Canada
Ottawa, ON

Joseph Simon

Premi-Air Heating & Air Conditioning
Toronto, ON

Stuart Smith

The Chemours Canada Co.
Mississauga, ON

Dave Derksen

Tech-Air Ltd.
Winnipeg, MB

Wayne Watson

Refrigerative Supply
Burnaby, BC

Peter Steffes

Ideal Heating and Cooling Ltd.
Windsor, ON


Martin Sirois, Ozone Protection Programs of Environment Canada
Jim Thomas – Refrigerant Services Inc

From Left to Right: Peter Steffes, Bea Olivastri, Corey Soulis, Dave Derksen, Robert Flipse, Warren Heeley, Marie Li-Ying, Jim Flowers, Domenic Loconte, Stuart Smith

Not Pictured: Joe Simon, Wayne Watson, Martin Sirois and Jim Thomas