How Can I Do My Part

The success of RMC is dependent upon the commitment from industry, government and the Canadian public to the program’s key objective – to recover and dispose of ozone-depleting refrigerants in a manner that is safe for the environment. Everyone in the refrigerant supply chain can help RMC continue to achieve this important objective.

Here is how you can do your part to ensure the success
of this program:

  1. Make sure your refrigerant supplier/service contractor participates in
    the RMC program.
  2. Communicate the benefits of the program to your customers and the
  3. Participate in the RMC collection/disposal process.

Your support for RMC will help make this vital program a continued success and solidify the leadership and commitment shown by the Canadian refrigeration and air conditioning industry to the future of Canada.

"Canco ClimateCare Heating & Air Conditioning is pleased to participate in RMC's refrigerant collection and disposal program. We have several local wholesalers in the program whom we like to support and the process is simple and seamless. The RMC program is one way to show our compliance with Ministry of the Environment legislation and also our commitment to being environmentally responsible to our customers."
~Nancy McKeraghan, Canco Climate Care Heating & Air conditioning Secretary/Treasurer

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