Program Information

Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) was formed in response to the global challenge to reduce the release of ozone-depleting refrigerants into the atmosphere. The Earth's ozone layer protects our planet from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation (UV rays) from the sun. To protect our precious ozone layer, ozone depleting refrigerants, used in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems, must be safely captured and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

In 2000, RMC was established as an industry-led Extended Producer Responsibility Organization (EPRO) with the goal of providing an environmentally acceptable solution for the disposal of surplus ozone-depleting refrigerants. RMC has established a formal process for the collection, transportation, storage and disposal of surplus ozone-depleting refrigerants that has been fashioned after the reclamation system in the industry. Across the globe, RMC is an industry benchmark for safe and environmentally friendly capture and disposal of surplus refrigerants.